Skin Rejuvenation



Aging and sun damage cause the skin to become dull, loose and have a creppy texture.  To address this, we can rejuvenate the skin by addressing the 3 C’s:

  1. Colour – Dull and uneven skin tone.
  2. Collagen – Creppy texture, fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, loose skin.
  3. Contour – deflated and hollow facial contours, prominent laugh lines, wide jaw.

Skin Rejuvenation Treatment Options

      1. Customized Skincare to brighten and even out skin tone, improve skin texture and maintain moisture balance.
      2. Radiance Peel – Vitamin C and Exfoliating Enzyme Peel for instant brightness and textural improvement. This treatment is not accompanied by any downtime.
      3. Carbon Assisted Laser Peel and Skin Rejuvenation – This treatment is not accompanied by any downtime
      4. Fotona 4D™ Laser Skin Rejuvenation for improved Tone, Texture and Tightness. This advanced and innovative treatment is not accompanied by any downtime
      5. Micro Laser Peel – a more aggressive skin peel to improve skin tone and texture.  This will involve a short period of down time (1-2 days of pinky redness and 3-4 days of micro-scabbing).
      6. Skin Rejuvenation Iontophoresis – Electrically enhanced penetration of specially blended serum that goes deeper than topical application
      7. Botox and Fillers – for the correction of contours as well as the reduction of expression wrinkles

Fotona 4D™

A unique combination of 4 distinct modes of aesthetic treatment harnessed to combat facial aging.




Indiba Pro-ionic therapy stimulates new collagen and revitalizes loose and creppy skin on the neck.


After facial and neck treatments, the hands are the next part of the body that shows your age. Rejuvenate your hands with hyaluronic acid fillers to hydrate and plump up the skin and connective tissue on your hands.